Custom Fitted Golf Clubs & Club Repair

 The Golf-Ware Company


Putting is the most diverse aspect of the game of golf.  There are literally hundreds of ways to roll the ball into the hole when you think of all the different grips, stroke types, lengths of putter, and putter head designs. This part of the game is very important to our overall success, since you will use your putter more times than any other club in your bag. In order to customize a putter that is right for you, we utilize the TOMI putting analysis system. By taking a closer look at the eight different parameters that the TOMI system can measure we can see what is really happening in your putting stroke.

No matter what your skill level, we all want to play better golf. Custom fitting is no longer a specialty service reserved only for tour players. A great majority of amateur golfers play with the wrong equipment. Custom fitting can have a dramatic effect on your game.

In the hitting bay, I'll measure your club head speed, swing tempo, back swing club position, spin numbers and total distance.  I will provide golfer's with a wide choice of heads and shafts that best fit their swings and ability.

Once we determine what your individual needs are, I'll build a demo club for you to field test.  When you return with your demo club, any necessary adjustments will be made before the final custom build.